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As we are sure you are aware, in 2035 the UK Government will be banning all petrol, diesel and hybrid cars – apart from a few select classic or rare vehicles. Yet, with the recent rise in petrol and diesel prices, buying and running an electric car before the deadline is looking more and more inviting.

However, when you own an electric car, keeping it fully charged can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have an at-home charging point. This is because it isn’t always possible to find electric car charging stations near your home or offices. 

If you’re looking at buying an electric car and need a means of efficiently charging it at home, Datel Electrical can install high-quality, smart, electric vehicle charging stations on your property.  

What Is An EV Home Charging Point? 

We have all gotten used to seeing various electric vehicle charging ports at service stations, supermarkets and public car parks. While these may be handy to top up your car’s charge when you’re out and about, they aren’t always the most practical of solutions when it comes to regularly charging your electric vehicle. 

An at-home electric car charging point is exactly what it says on the tin, an electric vehicle charger, connected to your home’s electrics, allowing for a convenient charging solution. The electric vehicle charging points can be installed on the side of your home or in a garage and connected to your domestic electricity mains. 

An electric car charger for your home can transform the way you use your electric car. Installing an electric car charger for your home means you no longer need to worry about finding a local charging station.  

Why Choose Datel Electrical For Your Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation? 

When you choose to install your electric car charger for homes with our Datel Electrical qualified electricians, not only will you be receiving fantastic customer service, but you will also benefit from: 

  • 21 years of hands-on electrical experience – we have been looking after Devon’s residential and commercial properties for over two decades and have built a fantastic reputation across the South West. 
  • Six-year warranty – on all completed work, giving you peace of mind about your new electric vehicle charging port. 
  • Highly trained and experienced electricians – our team has various electrical qualifications
  • Emergency 24/7 call-outs – no matter the time of day, or issue, Datel Electrical are on hand to assist. 
  • Free, no-obligation quote – we can visit the site and provide you with an estimated quote, working to expectations. 

Find out why you should choose Datel Electrical in our latest blog post: ‘your Devon commercial electricians – why choose Datel Electrical’.   

Benefits Of Installing An Electric Car Charger For Home-Use From Datel Electrical

Not only is installing an electric vehicle charging point at home going to be more convenient it also comes with a wide range of additional benefits including:

  • Time saver – some electric cars can take between 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge, having an easily accessible charging station at home can save you hours of sitting in your car, waiting for it to charge at charging stations. Instead, plug your car in and go about your day or evening without worrying about charging your car! 
  • Safer – charging your electric car at home, on your driveway or in your garage is safer than using public charging points, both for your car and for you. Charging your vehicle at home can reduce the risks of theft and vandalism. 
  • Smart charging points – Datel Electrical’s charging points use intelligent charging scheduling to ensure they aim to use cheaper, off-peak energy. 
  • Green energy – the at-home charging points are compatible with renewable energy sources, so if your home runs off of solar energy, your charging points can utilise alternative energy suppliers as well. 
  • Hassle-free – our Datel Electrical team can install your new electric vehicle charging port quickly and easily, on a time and day that suits you. 

Contact Datel Electrical Today To Book Your Electric Vehicle Charging Installation, Devon. 

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Here at Datel Electrical, we are also fully qualified in providing a wide range of domestic electrical maintenance and servicing, for more information contact a member of our team. 

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