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Completing an electrical rewire can be a daunting task, so finding the right electrician is one of the most important things to organise. At Datel Electrical, we offer complete rewiring services for a wide range of properties, from studio flats to manor houses. Our Newton Abbot electrician team is on hand to complete a full or part rewire for your home, tailored to your specific requirements.

So whether you’re renovating an older home, or want to replace and reorganise your electrics, our considerate and qualified team will work around you for you.

Not only are we qualified for your electrical rewire, whilst we are at your property, but we can also complete additional electrical tests, including an EICR and PAT testing. As members of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association), we pride ourselves on always providing high-quality and compliant electrical services and all of our rewires are completed promptly.

What Is The Home Rewire Process?

Depending on the size and complexity of your home rewire, will have an impact on how long your house rewire will take to complete. Typically speaking, a three-bedroom home can take between five and ten days to complete. The older the home, the longer it could take it to rewire.

Most rewiring projects require our team of local electricians to remove old and faulty wiring and then replace it with new and compliant cabling. This new cabling is then fed through the walls and the floors.

Many homeowners take rewiring as an opportunity to choose to move plug outlets and light switches or even add more. To accommodate the new sockets, channels will need to be dug into the walls for the cables and to fit the new socket hardware.

Domestic Electrical Rewire For Your Home

Finding a reliable & qualified electrician to complete your domestic electrician for your homes rewire can be challenging. However, at Datel Electrical we have over 20 years of industry experience to help complete your electrical rewire quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide range of rewiring services, including:
  • Fault finding
  • Indoor and outdoor electrics
  • Fuse box upgrades
  • Electric heating
  • Upgrading electrical systems

Rewire Your Home With Datel Electrical

At Datel Electrical, we know that rewiring your home can seem like a daunting and disruptive project, however, with our team, your experience will be anything but disruptive.

With over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, Datel Electrical has successfully rewired hundreds of properties, both residential and industrial. When you choose to work with Datel Electrical, not only will our personal and professional electricians complete your rewire in an efficient and timely manner, tailored to your preferences, but you will also benefit from the following:
  • Local electricians
  • Excellently-rated electricians
  • Six-year warranty on all completed works
  • Tidy and conscientious workers
  • Highly qualified & DBS-checked electricians
  • We will fit around your schedule
All electrical systems and electrical services conform to BS 5266 recommendations and British standard requirements.
PAT Testing

Electrical Rewire, Areas WE Cover

Are you looking for a dedicated and professional electrician in Devon to complete your property’s electrical rewire? Our Datel Electrical team are proud to operate across the county, as well as the Southwest, in various locations and have teams throughout the county, including:

Local Electrical Contractors

Datel Electrical treat every electrical job with equal importance.

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