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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

From 2035, all cars and vans must have zero tailpipe emissions and be fully electric. The team at Datel Electrical are qualified EV Charger installers for hybrid and fully electric cars, for both domestic and for commercial use. Our Zappi electric car charging ports are fast and affordable alternatives to driving to public charging stations regularly.

What Is A Zappi EV Charger?

Zappi is a smart EV charger, which can be easily used and installed in domestic homes. The Zappi EV chargers will use either electricity from the main power grid or 100% green generated energy from any solar panels or wind power you may have. 

Zappi electrical car chargers can be installed on the side of your home or in your garage on a side that is best convenient for you and your car. Our Zappi car chargers can be paired with the ‘myenergi’ app, where you can control your device from anywhere in the world – as well as being able to monitor your Zappi charger usage. 

Our Zappi car charger installations can be tailored to you and your car’s usage, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for electricity that you’re not using. We have been working with and installing Zappi EV chargers for many years for both domestic and commercial properties.

Benefits Of Installing Electrical Car Charger For Home & Business

A home electric vehicle charging point installation with Datel Electrical can be a fantastic investment for your home. Not only will it save you time and money travelling to and from public charging stations, but it also comes with a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Cost-saving charging times  – Zappi is smart charging and can optimise cheaper energy tariff times by charging your vehicle when electricity rates are at the lowest. 
  • No earth rod – Zappi has built-in PEN fault detection capabilities, so it can fully disconnect the live, neutral and earth supply to the charger in case of an emergency. Making it cheaper and easier to install compared to other EV chargers on the market. 
  • Can switch to green energy – Zappi can use either solar, wind or other green energy sources as well as traditional grid power. 
  • Pincode protected – prevent people from changing your settings or using your EV charger with the five-digit-pin protect security feature built into your Zappi charger. 
  • Hassle-free – our Datel Electrical team can install your new electric vehicle charger for home quickly and on a day and time that best suits you. 
  • Emergency assistance – when you choose to install your Zappi charger with Datel Electrical, we offer 24/7 emergency call-out electrical services, so if you need anything for your home or your EV charger, we will be on hand to help. 

The team at Datel Electrical can install your small, compact and smart-looking at-home EV charger quickly and efficiently, so you can stop worrying about planning for your next vehicle charge around your busy schedule.

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If you are looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting and future-proof at-home electric car charger, contact our team at Datel Electrical. Find out more and book your no-obligation free site visit and quote today by contacting one of our qualified engineers on 01803 874074 or emailing us at info@datelelectrical.co.uk.

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