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Datel Electrical, Devon’s local electricians, offer a wide range of domestic and commercial electrical services to help ensure your property is kept electrically safe and sound. Including thorough and precise PAT testing for all electrical devices. Our friendly, enthusiastic and reliable team will complete all of your PAT testing in a time frame that would best suit you. We always strive to complete all mandatory tests quickly and effectively so as not to disrupt your working day. 

We offer quality and accurate PAT testing for all local businesses and households to help reduce the risk of electrical faults, fires and circuit shortages.


Portable Appliance Testing, otherwise known as PAT testing, is the process of examining and checking portable electrical equipment. This includes extension cords, power tools and computers to ensure they are safe to use with visual inspections and electrical testing.

Poorly maintained or faulty electrical equipment has an increased risk of causing electric shocks, burns or even starting fires. To help ensure a safe working environment, across all sectors, PAT testing is used to help evaluate the electrical safety of hand-held electrical equipment.

If you are a business owner or landlord, PAT testing is highly recommended to ensure the safety of your employees and tenants. However, at this present time, there is no legal requirement for PAT testing. On the other hand, ensuring that all working conditions and electrical equipment used in a commercial setting are safe to use IS a legal requirement. We also offer EICR inspections for all commercial and rented properties.

However, you may wish to check with your insurance provider how regular PAT testing is required for your business. Power Tools on a construction site may need to be checked more frequently compared to a hair dryer in a hotel room, for example.

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PAT testing regularity will differ depending on what industry your business is in.

IndustryElectronic TypePAT Testing Time Frame
Offices, Shops, HotelsKettles, Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers, Computers, Printers, PhotocopiersEvery Four Years
 Portable Equipment, ie extension leadsEvery Two Years
 Handheld and more frequently used items, phones, scanners, PDAs etc.Every 12 months
SchoolsKettles, Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers, Computers, Printers, PhotocopiersEvery 12 Months
 TVs, DVD Players, Lamps, Power ToolsEvery Two Years
ConstructionCement mixers, power adaptors, crane lifts and other regularly used 110v equipmentEvery Three Months
Industrial (Including Commercial Kitchens)All portable and handheld equipmentEvery Six Months
 Stationary, movable or IT equipmentEvery 12 Months

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Staying up to date with PAT testing and electrical tests helps to ensure a safe working environment. We are happy to help customers across Devon with their PAT Testing requirements. Our team serve most of the county of Devon, including: If you think your portable electrical items are due a PAT test, contact our friendly team and book your inspection today for a non-obligation quote on 01803 874074 or email us at info@datelelectrical.co.uk.

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